• Shannon Dawn

Less is more? - The art of posting less, while upping audience engagement

So, it may sound a little strange, but yes it's true! With Facebook users checking in at 4 million likes a day (that's mega liking folks), it's no wonder that us small business owners wonder if the likes that show up in our notifications feed are actually legit. Here's why posting LESS will allow you to create more meaningful engagements with your audience.

quality vs. quantity

Most of the small business owner I know are too busy hustling, making product and selling goods to stop 10 times a day to post on their pages. It's tempting to post something every time you have a pause, but ask yourself this - "is this post going to help me make a sale, or is it just filler?"

creating great content takes time

So, if you're anything like me, you love to share your day to day wonders with everyone you know online. I saw a unicorn on 5th and Main one day but I remembered to only post it on my personal page, since it had nothing to do with my soap business. (Bummer) Sit down and create a content strategy that has set goals. Good goal: Sell something! Make the audience more local conscious, etc.

what makes a great post?

  • taking your audience along with you on your business adventure. whether you make your own handmade soap or you forage for wild mushrooms, let your audience know how that happens, and how that makes you feel

  • ask for their opinion. If you're changing up your product line or just want to know what the best place in town to get a chili dog is, pop that post on up for discussion. Get the audience talking with one another about something positive!

  • run a contest. Who doesn't love a good giveaway? The audience will be encouraged to like, share and tag tag tag which will increase engagement quickly

  • share events and posts from your fellow local business pals. Nothing looks better than a supportive business owner who respects others and their hard work.

Bottom line? Don't stress about having tons of content on your social media channels. Really take the time to decide what your goals are, map out a content strategy that makes sense for you and stop worrying!

Also, go check out that unicorn on the corner of 5th and main. Word.

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